It's a Mad World

Chapter 0

The Fool

Without knowledge or warning, our ragtag group of misfits are spirited away into a grand hall, the likes of which they have never seen. Some are sleeping, some are waking, some in precarious positions. Instantly things are recognized as being a little off. Mystic runes cover every surface, pillars and archways extend skyward seemingly indefinitely as lights, sounds, and figures, move mysteriously through the causeways.
At the end of the hall a massive stairway extends upwards where at the top stands a tiny imp of a man, dressed in well tailored clothes. He excitedly greets the arrival of the “champions” before allowing them to clothe and situate themselves. He then announces the arrival of the party favors. The floor opens up, and on a rising platform sit two children in filthy rags. They begin to cry.

As the members of the group approach the children, some with intend to comfort, some to kill, giant insect-like legs erupt from their backs as they rise 10 feet in the air. Suddenly, killing them seems to be the way to go. After trapping them in fireballs, spitting acid on them, striking them with lightning, removing their limbs, immobilizing them and smashing in their heads, the party favors were easily silenced.

The servant imp squeals with delight and encourages to unwind before dinner, as more servants whisk them away to be pampered. Someone hooked up with a Filth Elemental. It was weird.

They are later led to the dining hall. Sitting at the edge of the table at an impossibly great distance sits a massive humanoid entity. An amalgamation of featureless faces cover his lanky grey frame. Antlers resembling outstretched limbs seem to writhe as the faces contort in random expressions. Dark sunken in features add bizarre depth to his cartoonish expressions as he gleefully welcomes and introduces himself to the adventurers. He is Safzanous, Lord of Madness. He explains to them that he has grown bored with the daily responsibilities of god-hood and informs them that he has bestowed upon them the title of Champions, giving them the power, authority, and responsibility to go out and do his works.

Pye: Champion of Delusion
Vaine: Champion of Delirium
Almar: Champion of Paranoia
Jeb: Champion of Denial

The Champions were armed with raiments and instruments of madness and instantly teleported far far away to the outlands of the mad world. There they make their way down a hill to a little town; a quiet village. Everyone is purple, but otherwise seem to be happy and cheerful folk. After making their way to the town hall, they are greeted by the village elder who hails their arrival and entices the town into celebration, feasting, drinking, and dance engulf the town. During the celebration a child was killed. Totally unrelated. Nothing to feel guilty over.

That night they awake bound and on their way to a massive pot in the middle of town. All of the villagers come out to partake in what appears to be the culmination of their little festival. So the Champions kill the town. Pretty much the entire town. Except for a single villager, now George, formally Ted, who is now Jeb’s pet slave. After searching the town hall they find deeds to the entire town, a new bizarre form of currency, an immaculate Bananas Foster, and a mysterious magical book in illegible text. Now the proud owners of a ghost town the Champions must decide what to do with their new real estate investment, and the mysterious book, who’s magical energy emulates the Lord of Madness himself.

What are they going to do with the town? Why does Pye kill so many children? Will that Filth elemental ever message Vaine back? What secrets do the pioneer bedbugs hide? Why is that bananas foster so god damn beautiful? Some of these questions, and maybe more will be answered, or not, in Chapter 1: The Magician.



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